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Succession Planning in Legal Services Programs

During the January 25, 2013 meeting of LSC’s Board of Directors, the Promotion and Provision for the Delivery of Legal Services Committee held a panel on succession planning in legal services programs, moderated by Patricia Pap of Management Information Exchange.

The clips below provide an overview of succession planning, as well as highlights on three essential topics:

  • The importance of planning for succession.
  • The responsibility of a board of directors to choose an executive director.
  • Leadership development.

LSC Board's Succession Planning Panel: Overview


LSC Board's Succession Planning Panel: Planning for Succession


LSC Board's Succession Planning Panel: Choosing an Executive Director


LSC Board's Succession Planning Panel: Leadership Development


• Patricia Pap, executive director of Management Information Exchange
• Jon Asher, executive director of Colorado Legal Services
• Dave Pantos, executive director of Legal Aid of Nebraska
• Rhodia Thomas, executive director of MidPenn Legal Services