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Ex-Offender Community Reintegration Project

Indiana Legal Services, Inc.- 090010
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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Men and women released from prison often face daunting obstacles as they move back to their communities. They frequently have difficulties finding jobs and housing, and experience problems reconnecting with family and other social supports.  Not surprisingly, many end up returning to prison, a disastrous result for them, their families and communities, taxpayers, and public safety.

In response to the prisoner reentry challenge, Indiana Legal Services (ILS) established the Ex-Offender Community Reintegration Project (ECRP) to provide legal services to recently released persons with felony convictions from incarceration from Indiana state correctional facilities.

Some help ex-offenders receive from the ECRP project include:

  • hardship drivers license
  • reinstatement of drivers license
  • probation fee waivers
  • bankruptcy
  • assist in understanding circumstances surrounding bench warrants
  • expunge criminal records
  • child support

For more information on the ECRP project please click here

Contact Information: 

Rod Bohannan
Project Director
Indiana Legal Services
Market Square Center Suite 1800
1515 N. Delaware Street
Indianapolis, IN 46204