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Pro Bono Assistance for Nonprofit Organizations

Bay Area Legal Services (Judge Don Castor Community Law Center)
Thursday, September 13, 2007

Bay Area Legal Services (BALS) founded the Judge Don Castor Community Law Center in 1993 to deliver legal services to community-based nonprofit organizations that serve the low-income community in the Tampa Bay area.

The center uses pro bono business attorneys to provide free transactional legal assistance to eligible established nonprofits with legal needs in corporate, tax, real estate, employment, zoning, land use, risk management/insurance, intellectual property, and regulatory matters.  Interested nonprofit organizations apply for assistance in completing a specific legal task.

Start-up organizations are served by a BALS staff attorney who works with the Nonprofit Leadership Center of Tampa Bay to offer an annual community legal education seminar.

Additional information, including training materials, are available in the Economic Development section.

Contact Information: 

Susan Sandler

Project Director - Judge Don Castor Community Law Center
Bay Area Legal Services