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Public Interest and Pro Bono Project

Duke Law School
Friday, July 13, 2007

The Public Interest and Pro Bono Project at Duke Law School offers opportunities for law students to engage and reflect on values of service and commitment. 

The Pro Bono Project offers more than 100 placements, varying in location, substantive law area, job function, and time requirement, to fit students' interests and needs.  Student leadership is key to the program, and public interest activities and pro bono groups are led by a 50-member student board.

Pro Bono opportunities for students are provided in a wide range of substantive areas of the law. In addition, students enjoy a variety of public interest events that foster a community that values service. 

Recurring events include:

  • An annual Public Interest Retreat gives students, faculty, administrators and alumni interested in and committed to public service a chance to spend a weekend in the woods reflecting on their public service aspirations and achievements.  
  • The Southern Justice Spring Break Trip which arranges for students to spend their spring break working in high-needs areas such as Appalachian Kentucky and New Orleans, and at prominent organizations such as the Southern Centre for Human Rights in Atlanta and the Mississippi Center for Justice in Jackson, MS.
Contact Information: 

Carol Spruill

Associate Dean for Public Interest and Pro Bono
Duke Law School