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Senior Attorneys Initiative for Legal Services Project

D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program and D.C. Access to Justice Commission
Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Senior Attorneys Initiative for Legal Services (SAILS) Project recruits District law firms to train and mobilize their senior lawyers who are approaching a transitional phase in their careers.

SAILS includes three components, designed to encourage senior attorneys to volunteer for legal aid organizations:

  • Participating SAILS law firms institutionalize a structure and culture that encourages and supports their senior lawyers to undertake pro bono work as a central focus of the next phase of their careers.
  • SAILS develops resources, including sample policies, to help law firms institutionalize a project that ensures senior lawyers seeking volunteer opportunities are supported by their firms.
  • SAILS works very closely with the legal services community to develop high-impact pro bono projects appropriate for senior lawyers.

More information is available from the District of Columbia Bar

Contact Information: 

Jess Rosenbaum

Executive Director
D.C. Access to Justice