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PAI Plans

LSC encourages organizations to develop a comprehensive private attorney involvement plan.

At a minimum, plans should address the following:

  • A description of the needs of the client community that cannot be independently addressed by legal aid organizations, and the ways in which private attorneys can help meet those needs.
  • Whether private attorneys are participating pro bono, for a reduced fee, or as Judicare attorneys.
  • Ways that private attorneys are used, which includes a range of volunteer opportunities.
  • Staffing structure in place to manage private attorney involvement.
  • Strategies to recruit, retain, and recognize volunteer attorneys.
  • Process to identify and route cases to volunteer attorneys, including clients with access barriers such as limited English proficiency. 
  • Quality assurance procedures for pro bono work.
  • The results of consultations with local bar associations, client community leaders, and private attorneys, including a summary of comments.
  • If PAI is provided via a subgrant, an explanation of the agreement and the benefits to both the clients and program.

Sample Plans

Georgia Legal Services Program (2013): Plan addresses the use of technology to administer a program, the integration of GLSP activities with the state bar committees and activities, and addresses accountability throughout the system. The surveys used to gather input from GLSP staff and from local bar organizations are also available.

Southern Arizona Legal Aid (2013): Plan has a strong emphasis on program operations, including volunteer management and budgeting.

Legal Aid Society of San Diego (2013): Plan includes a variety of volunteer opportunities, and a comprehensive description of program operations. Includes data for non-case activities.  

Central Minnesota Legal Services (2013): Plan for a PAI program that contracts for urban service delivery (specifically Minneapolis), coordinating statewide efforts, and training volunteer attorneys.  

New Mexico Legal Aid (2013): Plan addresses changes in pro bono service delivery as New Mexico Legal Aid takes over its role as the lead agency for the statewide Volunteer Attorney Program.